Blue Sky UVC Ultra-Germicidal Light

Human beings have lived with germs, bacteria, and viruses since the dawn of time, most of which are completely harmless.  When new strains or forms of such micro organisms suddenly appear, the health of people can be drastically altered.  Scientists have warned for decades that a pandemic is inevitable. COVID-19 has thrusted itself upon the world and brought the global economy to a crashing halt.  Thankfully, there is innovative technology in the form of ultraviolet light that can be manipulated so that germs, bacteria, and viruses can be neutralized.

Light is an electromagnetic wave with oscillating electric and magnetic fields.  Sometimes these particles interact with each other.  Particle acceleration occurs in what is known as the 9th dimension. Accelerated, charged particles can be utilized for a variety of purposes with UV light that can sanitize areas or disinfect air in occupied areas.

Our patent-pending technology creates an implosion of pure electricity that kills viruses with oxygen. This process is called scaffold production, and BlueSky UV accomplishes this with dielectric-barrier discharge. What’s left is a virus that has a diminished ability to infect cells. When used in parallel with a UVC germicidal light, this approach is faster and more efficient. 

You can buy any so-called germicidal light from a multitude of vendors and hope for the best, or you can buy from Blue Sky’s UVC ULTRA GERMICIDAL lights knowing it is the best!


3 Phases of Pure substances

A multiphase system using the methods of thermodynamics.

Minimization of free energy in equilibrium for all systems, including the multiphase ones in a water bath.

The coexistence curves

A system in contact with thermal bath is governed by the minimum free energy.

The shape of coexistence curves or P-T phase diagram is determined by the condition.

( ) TPG ( ) TGP .. 21 = – otherwise the system would be able to decrease its free energy by transforming the phase with a higher ❑ into the phase with lower o, two phases are in a state of diffusive equilibrium, there are as many molecules migrating from 1 to 2 as the molecules migrating from 2 to 1. ( ) ( ) TP TP 21 ❑ ❑ = ❑. NG = and since also for equilibrium between the phases 21 IT = – as for any two subsystems in equilibrium 21 PP = the phase boundary, does not move along the coexistence curves, two different phases 1 and 2 coexist in equilibrium in water. Coexist at T = 00 (and P = 1 bar) the system undergoes phase separation each time we cross the equilibrium curve. The system is spatially inhomogeneous along the equilibrium curves through G, is continuous across the transition. It demonstrates a lock step behavior.

Patent Pending – 61/959,738

EPA# 46477 NX00 1

LN-15626 – LN 15519

LN-15519-A Re- Sonic Frequencies

Ster-L-Ray germicidal lamps at 254 nano-meters





























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